Standalone 3D-BLAST program new!
You download the package from:

After downloading the package to you Linux-based computer, uncompress it by following commands in terminal.
  1. gunzip Standalone_3d-blast_Linux_beta102.tar.gz
  2. tar -xpf Standalone_3d-blast_Linux_beta102.tar
And then, you may check the file "README" in the directory "Standalone_3d-blast_Linux" for more information about compilation and usage of 3D-BLAST.
Our experience of distributing 3D-BLAST is limited. Should you encounter any problems with download, installation, or execution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Structural Alphabet Sequence Database (SADB)
According to the k and a angles, each structure in the protein structure database has a specific (k, a)-map distribution and is able to be encoded into a corresponding 1D structural-alphabet sequence collected in the SADB database.
PDB: with Structural alphabet sequences Auto-update every 2 weeks
SCOP: with Structural alphabet sequences

Pair database (674 pairs)
For coding structural alphabets and calculating the SASM.

The SCOP-894 consists of 894 query proteins from two subsets, SCOP95-1.67 and SCOP95-1.69. The SCOP95-1.67 has 378 query proteins, which are in the SCOP 1.67 but not in the SCOP 1.65 and the search database is the SCOP 1.65. The SCOP95-1.69 consists of 516 query proteins, which are in SCOP 1.69 and not in SCOP 1.67 and the search database is the SCOP 1.67.

The dataset consists of 319 proteins, which are selected from PDB and contributed by over 10 structural genomics consortia.

108 query domains
A diverse data set of 108 query domains proposed by Aung and Tan, Bioinformatics (2004) 20:1045-1052.